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image of an isocahedron

Tobi has passed along and his daughter might still be reachable at the mailing address below.

The Vector Flexor is a pre-assembled kit of sticks and rubber connectors that pops into a geometric shape Tobi calls the Vector Equilibrium. Pushing on the model results in an icosahedron (you have to imagine six "missing" sticks to see the 20 equilateral triangles). A bit more pressure and you will have a regular octahedron. Squash it flat and you have a triangle consisting of four small triangles. Fold the three outside triangles up (or down) and you have a tetrahedron. Get a bunch of 'em and make a dodecahedron -- beware, though, four-year-olds love to play with them!

Write to Tobi Toys at P.O. Box 81, Lakeside, CA 92040

The magical business card and origamic time stealer
Tobi's morf form This invention of Tobi folds into one of two kinds of a four sided solid figure known as a left or right handed mite. By using some of the triangular folds as tabs, you can connect a bunch of them to form a dizzying array of figures. My favorite is the perfect cube that folds out into a circle.

These can be preprinted with your name or your company's name for advertising or just to play with. The picture here does little justice to the solid figure. We're working on photographic techniques to show off this dandy little toy.

For more information, write to Tobi Toys at P.O. Box 81, Lakeside, CA 92040 or email

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