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Background: I've been working in various programming languages since 1979, when I started using a TI 59 programmable calculator. I currently work in whatever language or environment the customer asks for.

Services: Custom components, complete applications or quick concept demo programs, database setup, design specs, technical writing, debugging or other assistance as required. However, I'm currently engaged in various contracts full time, one dealing with a .NET application where I'm doing the data modelling, and another one working with a new DB being accessed through "old fashioned" ASP and VBScript. I'm working for Rose International. Although my contract with Rose allows me to do independent work on the side, I'm not really available for much more than a weekend here and there.

Software available for download here (pretty much all outdated now, 2008):

Delphi Smoke Builder

Buy it through pay pal and I will send you the key as soon as I'm notified. Click the first button to order and then the second one to pay.

Shareware, unsupported unless you pay for it.

It's becoming quite common for a single application to have a dozen or more executables, espcially with n-tier architectures needing multiple servers, and sometimes even multiple clients. This program automates the process of building a group of Delphi programs with common version information, common compiler settings, a common path, even common actions to perform before and after each compile or build.
Or, also quite useful, you can set up custom version information, compiler settings, paths and actions for each one of your projects seperately, then do a production or test build of all of them at once.
Even more important, the machine you run this builder on does not need to have your custom components or any third party components installed on the palette, though the source for them does have to be available on the path.
If you've ever used a batch file to accomplish the above tasks, you will really appreciate how easy this thing is to operate and customize. You can even run this guy from the command line, in batch mode, if you want.

An older, version, is available here. It has a number of minor problems, such as a poorly done user interface. This older version is discussed in detail in an article I wrote for The Delphi Magazine in the February, 2001 issue 66. The main focus of that article was the use of refactoring to improve code.

The latest version is shareware and comes with a complete helpfile. Or you can download the Builder zip (about 700K), which has a much better user interface and performs much better. The helpfile is inlcuded.

Builder is standalone product, does not make any registry entries, and depends solely on the presence of Delphi 4, 5 or 6 and the 32 bit Windows operating system (95, 98, NT4, or W2K). Have not tested it on ME or NT3.5 or XP, though I expect it will work fine in XP. Installation is merely a matter of unzipping the files to the directory where you would like to run the program.

The program is not that easy to use, due mainly to the complex chores it accomplishes. It is, however, much easier than trying to write a .bat file to automate the process. I've written up some notes on using smokebuilder here.

I'm always interested to hear suggestions, and if you send in one that I use will get a registered version. The only drawback to using the demo is the presence of nag screens popping up until the generous demo period is over.

You can purchase the USD 50.00 registration through the secure Shareit site or by sending me a check. Contact me by email if that is what you want to do or if you want site licensing.

InvoiceMaker (freeware)

This is an ASP compatible object (dll) which is designed to operate in the NT4/IIS3 environment. It reads a form and computes the total for the specified column, then, using a template if provided, returns a completed HTML page to the user. This sample of how it works, is useful to employees of Rose International. If you are looking for programming work, you might want to contact Rose International. If you do, tell them I sent you, please. You can download a 187K zip file that contains a more generic example of how this works as well as documentation.

SynMemo (freeware)

A component for Borland's Delphi 3 -- a memo which knows when to put up scroll bars and when to hide them. Also properties to force it to the top, identify current row and column and a number of other useful features. Detailed help file. Two for one -- there's also a data-aware version. Freeware, however, donations graciously accepted. (72KB) for Delphi 3, compiled, includes a help file
Source for SynMemo

Care Center Client Tracker System

Windows 95 database system for tracking medications, goals and objectives for mentally disabled residents of group homes.  This program is fully functional, but will print "unregistered" on the reports until you register it.  It uses industry standard .dbf database tables and is written in Delphi 2.  The help file (234KB) contains images of most of the program windows and reports.  email if you want the whole bannana (what source I have available, about 2mb), and give me a good story, and I'll send it to you.

Frankly, I think the only value of this program now is the help file for giving you ideas on a user interface that involves relating multiple grids to each other. It used the Infopower grids so that you could show mulitple line memos in the grids.

Life (freeware)

DOS and Windows 3.1 toy -- implements the mathematical simulation usually referred to as the game of life.  Based on the concept popularized by Conway in his Scientific American column, this program is shareware, and any payment will get you a registration.  The DOS version is written in pure assembler and is very fast, the Windows version is in Delphi 1 and, though slower, is a lot easier to play with.  Both are included in the 216K zip file

I Ching Study Tool

This DOS program runs fine under windows.  It does not contain any text from the I Ching, only a mechanism for recording your researches into the I Ching. You can build your own library of basic meanings for each hexagram, trigram, and each line within a hexagram.  In addition you can build and maintain a library of readings.  Email me if you'd like to play with a copy. It is written in Turbo Pascal 7 and uses an object library to store information.

Have Keyboard, will CyberTravel

I'm usually available for consulting or custom programing contracts.  For my technical background, I'll be happy to provide my resume.

Technical Writing:

I've put up the final draft of my article on building data dictionaries in Delphi; however, to be quite honest, the editorial polishing done by Chris Fazelle at Delphi Magzine for the April 1996 issue improved it.

You can also find an article I wrote on Time Travel in Delphi in the June 1998 issue.

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