Here are some notes on how I use smoke builder, generally these are replies to questions, but presented here in no particular order at this time.

I generally make the builder project directory a new one under the directory where I've placed builder.exe. For example if my Delphi project is in E:\currentWork\myProject\ and the builder.exe itself is in E:\Builder then when I create a new project in Builder, I'd place it in E:\Builder\myProject. This way all the builder settings files are in one place.

When I have several .dpr in a builder project, I will generally keep the .ver and .ico files in the same dir as the .dpr they belong to.

Also, when I select the .dpr to build, the next screen that comes up wants to know where I want the .exe to go. I always put it in a separate directory, e.g. e:\builder\myproject\exe.

The build goes very fast compared to a build in the IDE.

To build from the command line, navigate to the directory where the builder.exe is. Take a look in builder.ini and make sure your project is listed there, e.g.

[Projects] test=O:\_testClients\builder121\test

Then open the command prompt window in that directory and type builder test e.g. O:\_testClients\builder121>builder test

You should have a new copy of the .exe in the exe directory within a second or so, after you click ok on the nag screen. If the builder screen comes up, it is because the builder project is not named what you thought it was or it isn't in the builder.ini file, or you aren't in the right directory.

To get a right click command prompt on a directory in explorer, copy and paste this into a .reg file (W2K, other varieties of windows may be a bit different)

@="Command &Prompt:"

@="C:\\WINNT\\SYSTEM32\\cmd.exe /k cd \"%1\""

@="DOS &Prompt Here"

@="C:\\WINNT\\SYSTEM32\\cmd.exe /k cd \"%1\""

Builder takes all of its settings from its own settings files. It entirely ignores the IDE generated .cfg, .res, .dof and so forth. In fact, it replaces the .cfg and .res files with its own versions. The next time you open the same .dpr from the IDE, the IDE will use the new .res and .cfg files, but any change you make in the IDE will replace the .res and .cfg files with new IDE generated versions.

Also, the builder project name is the name you assign when you create a new builder project, not the name of the .dpr. The builder project name is registered in builder.ini where it points to the directory where that builder project's settings are located. The .cfg that will be used by builder is located in the default.config file. The .res file will be built from the default.mask file, as modified by what's in the default.ver file. If you want an icon for the .exe, you will need an .ico file also, and point to it from inside the .ver file.