Tai Chi Chuan Sword: Poem for opening move

by Brandon C. Smith

  Tip pointed and sharp, like the peak
  Of a mountain, a triangle
  Razor sharp resting at the top;
  Straight and plumb, from the mound like earth,
  A path for energy, receiving
  From below, creating above.

  Foot flat in the ground like the root
  Of a tree gaining strength from earth,
  Pushing life force up to the waist,
  Power centered round and round
  Ready to flow and fly, lightly,
  As on a cloud, sure and direct.

  Peak gently vibrating, dipping
  Down, up and sweeping down across
  Enemy ankles, perhaps, stop
  Only seen if knowing, and then
  Up, pierce a cloud, open a path,
  Guard the head, ready, poised on high.

  Forward, no, circle back, around,
  Down, up, resting like a moth flat
  Focus in the middle, ready,
  But need another sweep, from the
  Wrist, quickly, add energy there;
  So; tip cuts at wrist, edge protects.

  Stepping forward, backward, always
  This foot or that foot, never both;
  Sometimes a jump, usually a place,
  Always precise, control from waist
  By mind awake, alert, exact,
  Continuous, water and wind.

  Eyes follow dainty deadly tip
  Up, behind, down, swishing, stop,
  so quick, so accurate, darting
  In, placed here or there exactly;
  And moving again, united
  Flowing, connected, moving on.

copyright 1996, Brandon C. Smith

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