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Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan

Class in Jefferson City, MO.

(private lessons available)

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Tai Chi for health

Through the Capital Ritz Dance Studio, 573-893-7787.

Thursday Evenings at 5:30 p.m.

This class is for people who are primarily interested in the health benefits of learning Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan. There will more emphasis on the balance and energy flow work than on the martial aspects of the art. If you are looking for a way to relax, lower tension, and feel better this is the class for you.

We will work on several different Chi Kung exercises as well as a very short Tai Chi Chuan form.


Wear whatever you are comfortable in. Since you will be bending and turning, your clothing should not bind or be tight. Shoes without high or built up heels are best though you may want to work barefoot or in socks.


My name is Brandon Smith, and I've been working on various forms of Tai Chi Chuan since 1981. My primary focus is on mind-body coordination and control -- balance, awareness, and tone. Some theory is needed, but mysticism is not required. Tai Chi chuan is spirit, not spiritual. Tai Chi Chuan is not "moving meditation," though it certainly looks like it. The proper performance of a form is preceded and followed by meditation. During the form, one should be 100% here and now, focused totally on what one is doing. Which is often harder than meditation.

More information at my website or leave a message at 831 667 5091

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