I am not currently doing programming, coding and other computer work except in support of Redwoodtwig Art Garden Studios
About Synature
Photography:  --> My current visual art work, lots of pretty pictures.
Software:  --> Pascal and Delphi
 --> Web Programming:
 --> Databases
Web Site Hosting  --> Facts and fallacies (2003),   Plans & Prices
Movement  --> Tai Chi Chuan Fencing (sword fighting) I'll be working on reviews of Tai Chi videos and books and links to Amazon.com for them
 --> Classes in Jefferson City, Missouri
 --> Walk Lightly
Writing  --> Prairie Hollow Cat
 --> Book Reviews
Community  --> If the creek don't riseUnfortunately, we sold this place, :-(
 --> Places of interest, Tom Burton and Tobi
 --> My son Homer Matthew's site.
 --> Shadhavar.com, My daughter Samantha's site.

If I'm on line and you are a yahoo chatter, ... When I originally built this site, instant message was a novelty. My primary presence is now Redwoodtwig.com where there are links to my profiles on other 2016 social and business channels such as FB, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.

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Don't I wish...

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